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Lamb Testicles – 3lb Package for $8.32/lb


Testicles provide a wide variety of B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.

Available in a 3lb package

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Lamb Testicles are a great complement to your pet’s diet, or use them to provide organ content in homemade diets. It is recommended to feed 5% of your pet’s total food intake when making your own food at home, or you can add as a treat a few times a week to your pet’s already complete meals. Testicles provide a wide variety of B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.

Introducing organs can sometimes be tricky and some pets will refuse to eat them, although there are ways to encourage eating organs for even the pickiest eaters!
  • Small Chunked Mixture: Cut organs into very small chunks and create a muscle meat mixture with the organ cubes. As your pet begins eating the mixture, slowly introduce larger chunks of organ and less of muscle meat until the pet is eating organs in whole cuts.
  • Frozen Portion Servings: Prep organs into individual portion sizes and freeze to feed. Additionally, blend all organs into a paste, divide into ice trays, to freeze into cubes. Slowly provide less frozen portions until the pet is eating thawed out servings.
  • Grind & Hide: Organs are soft enough to grind them at home even if you do not own a grinder. Dice up partially frozen organs then put in a food processor to blend. Mix in ground meat, bone broth, kefir or veggies to encourage eating. Phase-out blended organs into small chunks.
  • Lightly Sear: The absolute last resort is lightly searing the outside and the middle must remain raw. Organs are highly affected by cooking, though the sear will encourage eating. Slowly phase out the searing until the pet is eating raw organs.
Nutritional Data

The amount of calories, protein, fat, and carbs are based on 1oz (28g).

Moisture 74%
Protein 22%
Fat 4%
Carbohydrate 0%

Data Source

The top nutrients based on 1oz (28g) of raw lamb testciles.

Vitamin B12  9.89 mcg
Sodium  119 mg
Chloride  119 mg
Vitamin B1  0.315 mg

Data Source

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