Spray or drop into mouth twice daily to keep teeth clean and gums healthy

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LEBA III keeps the chemistry balanced in your pets mouth to keep their teeth clean and healthy for their entire life, without side effects.

The safety and efficacy of LEBA III was proven by a renowned university and has been used by veterinarians since 1994.


Administration: Spray into mouth, LEBA III does not need to be sprayed directly on the teeth. Once it is in your pets mouth it mixes with their saliva and the teeth will begin their treatment! To keep your pets teeth pearly white use LEBA III twice a day.


Directions: Keep at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Give pet no food, or water or anything that could possibly dilute LEBA III ½ hrs before and after using.



  • Pets under 22kg/50lbs = 1 spray, twice a day
  • Pets over 22kg/50lbs = 2 sprays, twice a day


Ingredients: Distilled water, Ethyl alcohol 25%, Lamiaceae and Rosaceae.

(The amount of ethyl alcohol in this spray product (25%) would not provide a toxic dose.)

Lamiacea is a plant in the mint family and Rosaceae is in the rose family. A search of the Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines did not find any toxicity issues related to plants in these two families for the target species of this product.


Each bottle contains approximately 240 sprays.



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