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NaturPet Liver Care


A natural herbal supplement containing milk thistle – supports healthy liver function!

For Cats and Dogs

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NaturPet Liver Care

NaturPet Liver Care is a homeopathic supplement that promotes healthy liver function by cleansing it of toxins that your pet may have been exposed to. The active ingredient in this product, milk thistle, contains the constituent silymarin, a very active flavonoid complex. This complex protects the liver cells from damage by stopping harmful toxins and damaging environmental pollutants from entering, and by repairing liver cells that are already dead or dying. Suitable for cats and dogs!

Ingredients: Milk Thistle, purified water, 35% vegetable glycerine

Dosage: Determine your pet’s weight and using the chart below, find the appropriate dosage. Use the dropper provided to administer the correct dose and squirt directly onto pet’s food. Give twice daily.

Pet’s Weight: Dose:
0-25 lbs 1 mL
26-50 lbs 2 mL
51-75 lbs 3 mL
Over 76 lbs 4 mL


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