Mega Dog Raw Mega Blend – $3.50/lb


Antibiotic-free, non-medicated chicken and beef, from Canadian farms.

Available in a 24lb box, portioned in 1/2lb patties.

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Mega Dog Raw Mega Blend

Mega Dog Raw Mega Blend is portioned in convenient 1/2lb patties. Made with triple-ground chicken with bone, beef offal (lung, and liver) beef tripe. This blend is free of fruits and veggies, making it a healthy, low-starch option for dogs with yeast issues.

All Mega Dog products are sourced from Canadian inspected suppliers, and all meats are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Directions: Thaw and Serve. Store unused portions in the refrigerator.

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein %13.07
Calcium %1.53
Phosphorus %0.88
Sodium %0.11
Potassium %0.19
Magnesium %0.04
Zinc ppm33.71
Copper ppm0
Iron ppm30.13
Crude fiber %4.56
Fat %14.9

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