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Monster Bison Femurs


Monster bison femurs average 4-4.5lbs each

$14.95 each or 2 for $25!

Earn up to 25 Points.

Monster Bison Femurs (sourced from Alberta) are a giant chew suitable for large pets. Each bone averages 4-4.5lbs and approximately 14-18″ in length! For more information on feeding your dog raw bones, check out our blog post!

Bison femurs are recreational chews, which means that the bone itself is not considered edible. We recommend removing the bone after your dog has stripped away any meat and sinew. You may allow your pet to gnaw on the cleaned bone if they are gentle chewers, but it is best to remove the bone after a day or two once it’s dried out.

IMPORTANT: True Carnivores recommends that you are present during the feeding of all bones to ensure your dog’s safety. Always choose an appropriately sized bone (when in doubt, the bigger the better) to avoid the chance of your dog swallowing too large of a piece. Otherwise, have fun with it! Bones are an important part of any dog’s raw food diet for beautiful teeth, fresher breath, and something rewarding to pass the time. Your dog will surely have a bone to pick with you if you leave these out!



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