Chicken Wing Tips


chicken wing tips – 350g to 400g packages!

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Chicken wing tips are a great addition to your dog or cat’s diet as an extra crunch and source of calcium! Customers who are new to raw bones may be weary of these chicken wing tips but when they are raw and not cooked, the bones are quite soft so you don’t need to worry as opposed to feeding cooked bones. Because of their small size, these bones are ideal for cats and smaller dogs who cannot have larger bones like buffalo knuckles or turkey necks.

Chicken Wing Tips are can also be used as a meal replacement or as part of a meal in a pinch. Just let your dog or cat crunch down on them! Just thaw and serve, it’s as easy as that. If you would like to learn more about feeding raw bones to your cat or dog, take a look at our blog post here!


Chicken wingtips



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