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Oat Grass Seeds

Oat Grass seeds

Enough seeds for 2 plant pots

Sprouts in 5-7 days

High in protein and fibre


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Oat Grass is a healthy treat enjoyed by cats and dogs alike! Oat Grass is high in protein and soluble fibre, which is great for your pet’s digestion and can help to pass hairballs. By providing your cat an outlet for their inclination to chew on plants, you are enriching their indoor lives and encouraging their natural instincts. You might even spare the fate of your house plants in the process!

Oat grass is just as beneficial to your dog’s digestive system and provides trace minerals and vitamins, though regularly cutting the grass and sprinkling in their food is likely a better option than letting them chow down on a plant pot.

How to grow:

  • Soak the desired amount of seeds in water for 6 hours
  • Spread seeds over moistened soil
  • Lightly water or mist to keep seeds moist
  • Will begin to sprout in 5-7 days

Once the grass has reached your (or your pet’s!) desired length, you can store it in the fridge between feedings to halt growth. If the grass gets too long and dark, cut down to 1-2 cms. The dark, mature ends can become too bitter for your cat to enjoy. Each bag contains enough seeds for 2 plant pots.

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