One Ingredient 6″ Large Smoked Bully Sticks 5 Pack


5 pack of 6″ thick bully sticks

Pleasant smoky aroma!

Great Value! Just $3.99 per long-lasting chew

Earn 20 points!

One Ingredient 6″ Large Smoked Bully Sticks

These thick, smoked bully sticks are a long-lasting, tasty treat for medium to large dogs, or small voracious chewers! Made from non-medicated free-range beef from Colombia, with a pleasant smoky aroma to entice even the pickier pets.

Chewing is a natural instinct in all dogs, and providing them a variety of chews allows them a safe outlet for these urges instead of your shoes or furniture! Giving your pup a bully stick is also a great way to maintain their dental health. As they chew, the hard texture of the bully stick helps to scrape away plaque buildup, and the natural fibrous texture of the chew acts as floss to keep those pearly whites clean and strong.


*True Carnivores recommends that you always supervise your pet while chewing, and ensure that you select chews that are suitable for both your pet’s size and chewing habits. When the bully stick has been chewed down to a size that could be swallowed, it is recommended to take the rest away to avoid the risk of choking or digestive issues if swallowed whole.

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