One Ingredient Beef Backstrap Chews – One Pound


Backstrap is a long lasting chew, great for dogs of all ages and sizes

These chews are softer and less smelly than bully sticks


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One Ingredient Beef Backstrap

One Ingredient Beef Backstrap is a satisfying, single-ingredient chew.

These chews are fairly long-lasting while being softer and easier to chew than a bully stick. Beef Backstrap is a great, less “odourific” alternative to a bully, especially for puppies or older dogs who may find bully sticks a bit too hard.

These fibrous chews are great for your dog’s dental health, acting as a natural “floss” to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Chewing is also a terrific form of mental exercise, as chewing is an instinctual need for all dogs, and providing them with safe and healthy chews may help spare your furniture or shoes from becoming their objects of choice!


Ingredients: 100% beef backstrap



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