One Ingredient Beef Flats Value Pack


A tasty and crunchy treat for your pet!

Perfect for dogs of all ages and size

No Colourings, Additives or Preservatives!


10 Pack – $1.99 each *Best Value*

Earn 20 points!

One Ingredient Beef Flat

One Ingredient Beef Flats are a great value pack of treats for dogs of all ages and sizes – this beef treat is made from 12″ flattened beef esophagus! Cut into pieces for no-crumble training treats, or feed whole for a soft, quick-chewing snack. These soft and stinky chews are a great alternative for tiny breeds, young puppies, or old dogs who may find bully sticks too tough to chew. Chews made from beef esophagus are extremely popular with picky dogs as they have just the right amount of smell to be enticing to any pup but not too smelly to be indoors!

Made from Canadian, human grade beef – these treats are also free from colouring, additives, and preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Beef



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