One Ingredient Beef Jerky 1/3lb Bag


Dehydrated Beef Heart

A healthy, low-fat treat for dogs, cats, and ferrets!

Available in 1/3lb (151g) bags

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One Ingredient Beef Jerky is a crunchy treat made from strips of beef heart. Heart is an excellent organ to give your pets, as it is low fat and high in minerals and taurine, making it an especially healthy treat for cats and ferrets!

Some of the great ways your pets can enjoy One Ingredient Beef Jerky:

  • High-value training treat that’s also healthy and low-fat
  • Put it in your pocket or pouch on walks, since it doesn’t easily crumble and won’t make a mess
  • Broken up into small pieces as a food topper, to entice picky eaters to try new things, or eat more of their meals
  • A nutrient booster for cats and ferrets, as heart contains high levels of taurine

Ingredients: 100% dehydrated beef heart. No salt, sugar, or preservatives!

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