One Ingredient Beef Liver Heart 280 grams

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A soft, high-value treat great for training





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One Ingredient Beef Liver Heart

One Ingredient Beef Liver Heart is a tasty, popular, and healthy treat for dogs & cats!

These “One Ingredient” pieces are perfect as a food topper to entice pets to eat their meal, a daily treat, or even a special little snack. Their soft texture makes them especially great to crumble on top of foods, to entice finicky eaters to try new foods. Even the pickiest dogs & cats seem to love these tasty treats!

Because they contain beef heart, they are also a good source of taurine, making them a healthy treat option for cats, or even ferrets!

Dry and light, these are perfect to carry around in a treat pouch as well. A high-value and low-fat, these are great for training.


Ingredients: 100% beef liver and heart



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