One Ingredient Dehydrated Pork Tripe - 150 grams

A great low allergen crunch for dogs!

100% Dehydrated pork tripe

Available in a 150 gram bag


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One Ingredient Dehydrated Pork Tripe – 150 g for $12.95

One Ingredient dehydrated pork tripe is a crunchy, low-allergen snack that is high in nutrients. Pork tripe is the lining of the pig stomach. It benefits the immune system, digestive system, supports muscle repair, and helps to maintain overall skin and coat health. Tripe is also rich in vitamin B12.

This treat is great for on-the-go snacking, and can be easily broken into smaller pieces for training. Pork tripe is super low allergen and great for sensitive pets or elimination diets.

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