One Ingredient Kangaroo Heart Half Pound


Organic Kangaroo Heart

Great for pets with allergies and sensitivities

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One Ingredient Kangaroo Heart – An all-natural treat directly from Australia. Available in a resealable 227g bag.  No additives or preservatives have been used in preparation of this product.

The thin slices of heart can be broken into small pieces as a great reward treat. These are a great option for dogs with protein sensitivities or allergies.

One Ingredient Kangaroo Heart is NOT COOKED, only slowly dried. Slow Drying at 90 degrees celsius for over 10 hours reduces the moisture content, and keeps the natural chew fresh, locking in all its flavours.

Nutritional Analysis

(per 100g)

Calories: 308 kcal

Crude Protein – 72%

Total Fat – 6.3%

Moisture – max. 15%

Calories: 308 kcal / 100 g

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