One Ingredient Kangaroo Jerky 200g

For Cats and Dogs!

A tasty lean option for pets with sensitivities


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One Ingredient Kangaroo Jerky 200g

One Ingredient Kangaroo Jerky is an aromatic and tasty dehydrated low-allergen treat for cats and dogs. These jerky pieces are made from 100% pure kangaroo with no additives or preservatives, and are dehydrated at low temperatures to lock in nutrients and give a softer texture than conventionally dehydrated treats. These hypoallergenic treats are low in fat and packed with Omega 3’s making them suitable for pets of all ages and size.

Kangaroo is a popular option for pets with food sensitivities, as it is easily digested and not a common allergy trigger. The soft texture of these treats allows them to be easily broken into small pieces, perfect for a high-value training treat, or as a food topper for picky pets!

Kangaroo is a perfect novel protein choice for pets with food allergies. As kangaroo is not farmed but wild-caught, it is also a humane and environmentally friendly protein choice. It is 98% lean, making it a healthy treat for pets who are watching their weight, or have sensitive tummies.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Kangaroo made fresh at Carnivore’s Kitchen

Nutritional Analysis: 

Crude Protein (Min)- 80%

Crude Fat (Min)- 2%

Crude Fibre (Max)- <0.1%

Moisture (Max)- 12%





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