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One Ingredient Kangaroo Taffy 100g


100g of dehydrated kangaroo treats

Novel protein – great for pets with allergies and sensitivities

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One Ingredient Kangaroo Taffy is a chewy treat that’s great for pets with sensitivities. Made from whole pieces of free-range kangaroo meat, not ground, gives these a pleasantly chewy texture. They can also be broken into pieces for smaller training treats without crumbling in your pocket or pouch! Hormone and antibiotic-free, no additives or preservatives.


Ingredients: 100% dehydrated kangaroo muscle meat

Nutritional Analysis: 72.0% crude protein, crude fat more than 6.3%, crude fibre 0.6%, crude ash 4.4% or less, moisture content below 15%
Calories: 308 kcal / 100 g

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