One Ingredient Pacific Rockfish Chips Half Pound


Dehydrated Rockfish Skins

Thin crunchy pieces work great as a treat or crumbled as a food topper

Loved by both cats and dogs!

Available in a half-pound (227g) bag

Availability: 45 in stock

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One Ingredient Pacific Rockfish Chips

One Ingredient Pacific Rockfish Chips are thin, crunchy treats made from dehydrated rockfish skin. These high-value treats are great for nose work due to their signature smell, or break them into pieces for training treats. You can also crumble and use them as a food topper for a fish-loving pet!

Packed with Omega-3’s, these are a healthy treat you can feel good about feeding! Omega-3’s act as an anti-inflammatory, and also contain DHA which aids in brain development.

These treats are less oily than salmon skins, making them a great alternative that’s less messy while still having that fish taste and smell pets go nuts for.


Ingredients: Dehydrated Rockfish Skin



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