One Ingredient Pure Duck


Available in a 70g Value Pack!

No Additives or Preservatives

For Cats and Dogs of all age and size

Earn 10 points!

One Ingredient Pure Duck

One Ingredient Pure Duck isa tasty, popular, and healthy treat for dogs & cats!  Pure Duck is a highly palatable treat that is cryogenically freeze-dried at Carnivore’s Kitchen in order to lock in all of it’s nutrients and flavour. These “One Ingredient” pieces are perfect as a food topper to entice pets to eat their meal, a daily treat, or even a special little snack.  Even the pickiest dogs & cats are just in love with these tasty treats! Dry and light, these are perfect to carry around in a treat pouch as well. These soft treats are perfect for pets of all ages or with any sensitivities!

Ingredients: 100% Pure Duck Meat

What is cryogenic freeze-drying?

Cryogenic freeze-drying is a slow freezing and drying process that uses extreme freezing and vacuum pressure to dehydrate proteins without heat. This method ensures nutrients remain intact and results in a soft, natural texture rather than the crunchiness you’d find with dehydrated treats.


We recommend storing these treats in the freezer to keep the natural oils fresh.

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