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Pidan Tofu Litter with Crushed Bentonite Clay


Bentonite Mix formula

Made from soybean dregs (hulls left over from soyfoods production)

Natural, safe, eco-friendly alternative to traditional litters

2.4 kg/6 L box size

Availability: 38 in stock

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Pidan Tofu Litter with Crushed Bentonite Clay is made with food-grade soybean dregs (pulp left over after production of soy food items). This natural material is safe, dust-free and eco-friendly! 30% Bentonite Clay is added to the original formula for even faster absorption and firmer clumps. A great option for multi-cat households!

The litter has a naturally refreshing smell without the use of any additives. The porous nature of the soybeans absorbs liquid in seconds and is quick clumping, further reducing odour and helping to prevent litter sticking to the pan. The tofu litter will absorb 4 times its volume in liquid, meaning you use very little!

The 2mm wide grains are soft and comfortable on your cat’s paws while being low-tracking due to their grain-like shape. Includes a resealable inner bag to keep moisture out and keep the litter fresh.

*Packaging may vary from supplier.

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