Pixies Kangaroo Mini Patties from Carnivora – $9.98/lb


2oz (56g) mini patties. Available in a 2lb bag.

*Please note this formula does not contain organs or bone

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Pixies Kangaroo Mini Patties from Carnivora

Pixies Kangaroo is a great option for pets with food sensitivities, who require a very low-fat diet, or just to add some variety to any pet’s diet! Available in 2oz (56g) mini patties, these are also a convenient meal option for small breeds and cats.

Please note that this is NOT a Whole Animal Diet. It does not contain bones or organs. It is designed as an alternative protein for occasional supplemental feeding to provide variety in your pet’s diet, or for use in a homemade diet where another source of vitamins and minerals is provided.

Kangaroo meat is a truly organic, nutrient-rich, full-flavored red meat that is high in omega-3’s. Kangaroo contains the highest levels of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) of any red meat. CLA aids body-weight management, promotes muscle mass, and helps lower body fat. Kangaroo is an excellent choice for cats and dogs that have weight problems, allergies, digestive or skin issues.

Ingredients: Finely ground whole Kangaroo muscle meat

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