Prozyme Digestive Enzyme for Pets


Prozyme Probiotic Supplement is a great choice to add to your pet’s diet for their intestinal health!

Available in 85g and 200g powder bottles.


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Prozyme Digestive Enzyme for Pets is an all natural enzyme supplement for dogs and cats. This blend of highly purified plant derived enzymes in a powder form adds important digestive enzymes to your pet’s diet. The bromelain, alpha-amylase, lipase, and cellulase help to break down protein, starch, fat, and fiber. We recommend adding a probiotic supplement if your dog or cat suffers from digestive issues such as diarrhea, regurgitation, gas, bloating, irritable bowel, and especially if you are feeding a diet that does not already contain probiotics. Probiotic supplements essentially help to reduce the work load needed for an animal to digest their food and in turn, leading to better absorption of nutrients and more energy.

Directions: Add 1/4 tsp per cup of food served. For animals 8 years or older, increase the serving size to 1/2 tsp per cup of food.

Ingredients: Lactose, Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product dehydrated, aspergillus niger fermentation product dehydrated, and pineapples.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture: 6.0% Max
Alpha-amylase: 2000SKB / gram
Cellulase: 50 CU / gram
Lipase: 30 FIP / gram
Bromelain: 8 GDU / gram

Available in 85g (serves 85 cups of food) and 200g (serves 200 cups of food) powder bottles.

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