Puppy World Lamb Lung


Available in a 454g Bag

100% New Zealand Lamb

Perfect for Cats and Dogs

Earn 29 points!

Puppy World Lamb Lung

Puppy World Lamb Lung is a tasty single ingredient treat for cats or dogs. These bite sized treats make for a great snack, simple topper or for an easy to use training treat. Lamb Lung is a light, low calorie treat with a “high value” for your pet as it is high in iron and an excellent source of protein. This single protein treat makes for a great alternative for pets with sensitivities to poultry or beef.

This dehydrated Lamb Lung treat is sourced from New Zealand and Manufactured in Canada with no additives or preservatives!

Nutritional Analysis:
Moisture: 5.7%
Protein: 76.8%
Crude Fat: 8.52%
Crude Fiber: 1.36%

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