Rainforest Organic Cedar and Moss Cat Litter


Rainforest cat litter has no added chemicals and is an organic alternative to clay kitty litter!

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Rainforest Organic Cedar and Moss Cat Litter

Rainforest organic cat litter is a compostable alternative to clumping clay litter. Rainforest cat litter is a unique blend of peat moss and recycled wood fibres that lets off a pleasant cedar aroma.

Due to Rainforest cat litter being organic it also offers several more advantages such as;

– No added chemicals

– It is lightweight and flushable

– You can recycle it and use it as a soil conditioner

AND, you also use it as a room deodorizer or a mothball alternative!


Approximately 10lbs of Rainforest cat litter is the equivalent to 20lbs of clay cat litter.


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