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Buffalo & Organic Juiced Veggies – a delicious, species-appropriate diet for your cat!

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Red Dog Blue Kat Buffalo – Cat Formula

RDBK Buffalo Complete for Cats is a meal that your cat will love!  This balanced meal is recommended as part of a rotational diet including red proteins. Buffalo is a super addition to any raw diet. It’s packed with protein and beats most other meats in its iron and trace mineral content. Iron is a major component of blood and helps cells to circulate oxygen throughout the body. It is pasture-raised so it contains a high number of omega 3 fatty acids making it a heart-protective food. It also has one of the highest vitamin B12 profiles of any red meat. Buffalo is a perfect alternative for cats with food sensitivities and are unable to eat other red meats like beef and lamb. Its low-fat content makes it suitable for animals who need to lose weight or have fat sensitivities.

97% Meat and Organ / 3% Veggies

Ingredients: Non-medicated North American buffalo (bison) meat, bison heart, bison liver, bison kidney, bison bone powder, chard*, sweet potato*, celery*, squash*, lettuce*, beets*, wild salmon oil.

*Certified organic

Nutritional Analysis %
Moisture 72.40
Protein 19.50
Fat 6.55
Calcium 0.02
Phosphorus 0.02
Kcal/100g (Energy) 143


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