RDBK Lamb Base Recipe for Cats & Dogs – $9.67/lb


Lamb & organ – a boneless and veggie-free option for your dog or cat!

8 x 1/2lb vacuum-sealed portions

*Please note: it is normal for goat and lamb/sheep products to have a gamey or strong scent especially during their mating season which runs from late summer to early winter. 

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Red Dog Blue Kat Lamb Base

RDBK Lamb Base Recipe is a boneless and veggie-free option for your cat or dog. Incorporating lamb into the diet is an excellent way to add a little bit of extra fat into the diets of those pets who are on the leaner side and it is also an alternative to other red proteins such as beef or bison! Like beef, lamb is a great source of iron, zinc and B vitamins. It also contains a high amount of omega 3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid which helps to improve lean muscle mass. Lastly, it contains several antioxidant amino acids including taurine and glutathione. It’s a great alternative for pets that may have sensitivities to beef. Since it contains many of the same nutrients that beef does but with a slightly higher fat content, lamb is a great option for pets that need to gain some weight.

Supplement with your own veggies or consider tripe to aid in digestion. This meal by RDBK is recommended as part of a rotational diet including white proteins and fish along with raw meaty bones.

This formula works for cats as well!

Ingredients: Non-medicated lamb meat, lamb liver, lamb heart, lamb kidney

Nutritional Analysis %
Moisture 64.09
Protein 17.62
Fat 15.93
Calcium 0.01
Phosphorus 0.14
Kcal/100g (Energy) 256

*Please note that Red Dog Blue Kat’s red protein varieties do not include bone. Simply add RDBK’s buffalo bone powder or rotate with a  protein that includes bone to get a balanced ratio of meat, bone, and organ in the diet.



.5lb Box (8), 1lb Box (6)

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