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Real Raw Chicklets 10 pack

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Available in a pack of 10

All Natural and Sourced in BC

For Cats and Dogs

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Real Raw Chicklets 10 pack

Chicklets are an ideal whole prey snack for cats and dogs. These day-old chicks are a nutritious soft chew for small or older pets with sensitive teeth. Feeding the whole animal, with feathers and organs intact to your pet provides a perfect balance of muscle, bone, and organs. Chicks can also be fed to smaller pets as a balanced meal replacement for a little extra variety in their diet. These chicks are an excellent source of protein and the feathers act as a natural source of fiber!

The chicks come from chickens which bred for the egg-laying hen industry. The male chicks are not usable for egg production, nor are they suitable for meat production, however, day-old chicks are an ideal food source for many animal and bird species. These chicks are humanely euthanized with Co2 before being frozen and vacuum-sealed.

Ingredients: 100% chicken

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