Real Raw Duck 2oz Meatballs


16 x 2oz portions

Great for cats and dogs

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Real Raw Duck

Real Raw Duck is made from boneless duck muscle meat, ground duck necks, and duck livers and hearts.

These duck balls are portioned into approximately 2oz portions, with extra taurine making them a perfect option for cats!

Benefits of Duck

  • Cooling protein, great for pets with inflammation or itchy skin
  • Moderately high in fat, good option for active pets, puppies and kitties, or pets who need to gain weight.
  • White meat alternative for pets with poultry sensitivities
  • Duck is an excellent source for selenium, zinc, vitamin B-3, 5, and 12. Both zinc and selenium are antioxidants that help to boost the immune system. Selenium also helps to maintain normal thyroid function.
  • Duck has a better omega 3-6 ratio than turkey and chicken, making it less inflammatory and needing less work to make it nutritionally balanced.


Ingredients: 90% duck with bone, 5% duck liver, 5% duck heart, taurine

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein – 21.29%

Fat – 6.21%

Crude Fibre – 0.6%

Calcium – 0.18%

Phosphorus – 0.36%

Moisture – 71.77%

Calories per 2oz meatball – 76.0

Calories per kg – 1340

Check out our feeding calculator as a guideline for how much you should feed!

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