Red Dog Blue Kat Venison Base – $12.35/lb


Venison & organ – a great lean, veggie-free option for your dogs!

8 x 1/2lb vacuum-sealed portions.

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Red Dog Blue Kat Venison Base

Red Dog Blue Kat Venison Base is a great veggie-free option! It is packed full of iron and this ethically raised venison is leaner than some other proteins such as beef and chicken. Choosing this veggie-free option is ideal for those dogs who may have allergies or sensitivities to some veggies or plain old don’t like their greens! Supplement with your own veggies or consider tripe to aid in digestion. Red Dog’s Venison is a naturally raised, lean, grass-fed red meat source that is a great protein option for pets and provides a high trace mineral content. Venison, along with other lean meats, is great for pets that need help packing on their lean muscle and providing high quality energy. It’s another great alternative for pets suffering from allergies and provides a high amount of DHA (omega 3) which is not usually present in significant amounts in domestically raised farm animals.

This meal by RDBK is recommended as part of a rotational diet including white proteins and fish along with raw meaty bones.

This formula works for cats as well!

Ingredients: Non-medicated venison meat, buffalo heart, buffalo liver, buffalo kidney, probiotic (lactobacillus casei K9-1, lactobacillus fermentum K9-2, beet root, chamomile, fennel).


Nutritional Analysis %
Moisture 71.82
Protein 19.27
Fat 6.26
Calcium 0.01
Phosphorus 0.14
Kcal/100g (Energy) 138
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