Smack Salmon Fusion


Smack Salmon, the convenience of kibble with the goodness of raw!

Available in a 2.5kg bag!

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Smack Salmon Fusion is a lip-smacking grain-free, gluten-free, raw food for dogs that can be fed like a kibble or with added water. Per heaping cup, it contains 8 oz wild BC pink salmon, ethoxyquin-free (a common preservative used to treat wild salmon). Our wild salmon is bone-in, with organs and caviar, as a holistic raw food for dogs naturally includes.”

Smack dehydrated raw food is especially handy on long day trips, road trips, camping or for emergency kits at home. Feed with or without water added! It’s also the perfect size and consistency to be used as a healthy, crunchy treat!

This food is also highly recommended for those customers who are having trouble transitioning their pets to raw. Transitioning to Smack from kibble is easier because of the crunchy texture, and from there, you can start to add raw meats to switch them over.

Ingredients: Wild BC pink salmon (bone in & organ), millet seed, organic hemp super food, coconut, organic alfalfa, organic pineapple, carrots, celery, eggshell powder, spinach, cilantro, organic thyme, marjoram, peppermint

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