Smart Cat Clumping Litter


Smart Cat Clumping Litter is made with US farmed grass and is all natural!

It out-clumps clay any day!

Available in 10 lb and 20 lb sizes


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Smart Cat Clumping Litter

Smart Cat Clumping Litter is a great all natural litter that is 99% dust free, chemical free, and fragrance free! This revolutionary litter is made with US farmed grasses, making it all natural.

This natural grass-made litter is granule shaped similar to clay litters. It absorbs liquid and clumps so quickly that odors don’t have a chance to release into the air. This litter is also flushable and biodegradable since it is made with only plant matter! Not only is it safe on cats’ paws but it is also safe for ferrets! The granules are much lighter than clay or wheat based litters, meaning that a 10 lb bag of Smart Cat Clumping Litter will last you longer than your average clumping litter.

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10 lb, 20 lb, 5 lb

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