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Please refer to the delivery zones below to find the scheduled dates for your area

Ordering Questions

Delivery is free* when the minimum order subtotal for your area is met ($75 for Vancouver and $99 for all other areas).

If you do not meet the minimum for free delivery, a $10 delivery fee will be added to your order.

*Sunshine Coast orders are subject to a $5 fuel surcharge.

Absolutely! Here’s how:

  • Adding more items

If you want to add extra products or increase the quantity of an item, you will just need to place a second order. Our site does not store your credit card information, so we can’t make any additional charges on your behalf. Please leave a comment in the notes section at checkout indicating that this order is to be combined with another order (and include the order number if you can!)

*If you are ordering for delivery, please submit any additional orders before the 4pm deadline to ensure they can be sent out with your order the next day. Please also be careful to check the delivery option, as our pickup orders are processed in a different facility. We will refund the delivery fee (if charged) when we process your order.

  • Cancelling an order or removing an item

If you need to remove an item from your order, or you would like to cancel your order completely, please contact our office (604-267-3647 option 0), or send us an email (

  • Changing information

If you need to make any changes to your customer info such as delivery address, contact information, date of delivery etc., please contact our office (604-267-3647 option 0), or send us an email (

You earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend online. 100 points is equal to $1 off your total, and there is no minimum amount of points to redeem so you can redeem them as often as you like, or save them until you have a larger amount if you prefer. Points do not expire.

*Terms and conditions: items with another offer such as Frequent Buyer Program participating products do not earn points. Points are only available for online purchases and are not available for in-store purchases or phone orders. Points program terms are subject to change at any time. 

Some of our partners offer a frequent buyer program to reward their loyal customers. When you purchase any of these items, your purchase will be entered on a frequent buyer card. Once you’ve purchased the required quantity (most are 10-12 purchases) within the valid timeframe (typically 12 months), you will receive a free item! Participating brands are

  • 3P Naturals (cat food only)
  • Big Country Raw
  • Bixbi Rawbble
  • Bold By Nature
  • Butcher Blend (cat 4lb box, dog 20lb box)
  • Canisource Grand Cru
  • K9 and Feline Natural 
  • Meow
  • Northwest Naturals
  • Pets Go Raw
  • Primal
  • Rawbone
  • Smack
  • Tom & Sawyer
  • Zeal
  • Ziwi Peak (air-dried foods)

Whether you shop online or in-store, your purchases will be tracked on the same account that is linked by your name, phone number and email address.

Track your frequent buyer status here

If you’ve earned a free item through the Frequent Buyer Program, you don’t need to add the free item to your cart, you can simply leave a comment in the notes section at checkout indicating that you would like to have your free item added to your order. You are eligible to redeem for the lowest-valued item you have purchased previously. 

Your order must reach the regular minimum for your zone to receive free delivery.

You are also welcome to pick up your free item in our store!

At this time we can only accept orders within our local delivery zone, as we deliver all orders ourselves to ensure product quality and delivery reliability. We do not offer shipping to other areas of Canada or internationally.

Please reach out to the manufacturer of the product you are interested in, and they may be able to recommend retailers near you.

We accept Visa and Mastercard on our website.

If you wish to pay by e-transfer, you can call to place your order over the phone. Please note that we must receive payment before your order ships.

Delivery Questions

Our deadline to order is 4 pm the day before delivery in your area.

If you prefer to place your order well in advance, just let us know which day you would like to receive your order in the “notes” section during checkout.

Please see our colour-coded map above to find your city’s delivery schedule.

Our drivers are on the road from approximately 9:30 am to 5 pm most days. Because we handle so many deliveries and want to route our drivers in the most efficient way possible, we cannot provide an exact ETA in advance of your delivery day.

If you are only able to receive your delivery within a window of time, please include this information in the notes section at checkout. We ask to have a minimum 2 hour window for delivery and will do our best to accommodate time requests, but please also consider ordering an insulated bag or leaving out a cooler so we can drop your order off if you aren’t home.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery times, but will contact you if we cannot make it during the time you requested.

You will receive a delivery ETA the morning of your delivery, along with a tracking link. You can communicate with the driver if you won’t be home to provide drop-off instructions.

Nope! You can leave out a cooler or freezer bag if your order contains frozen items, or let us know in the notes section if you are okay with us dropping your order off at the door (we will not leave behind our own freezer bags).

If you live in an apartment, please provide us with a buzzer number and we can drop your order off at your door. If you would like your order dropped off with the front desk, please check first if they will accept food and/or frozen goods first as many will not, and then let us know to drop off at the front desk in the order notes.

We cannot assume responsibility for items dropped off if they thaw or are stolen, so unless we have explicit permission to drop off frozen items unattended, we cannot do so. 

If you don’t have your own cooler or thermal bags, we have our own insulated bags available for purchase at checkout for $10 per bag.

If you are not home at the time of delivery and coolers have not been provided, we will need your permission to drop off your order WITHOUT insulated bags. If we cannot reach you to confirm, and you haven’t left us a note when your order was placed stating this is okay, it will result in a failed delivery.

There are many options if you live in an apartment and won’t be home at the time of delivery.

  • If you can buzz us into the building from your cell, we can leave your order at your door. 
  • You could ask a neighbour or building manager to let us into the building if you are unable to remotely.
  • You can provide us with a door code or key to access the building if you aren’t able to buzz us in at the time of delivery.
  • We can leave your order with the concierge (please confirm that they will accept food/frozen goods as not all do!)
  • Have us deliver to your workplace instead.

Remember to leave out a cooler if you are ordering frozen items.

If none of these options are available to you, please let us know when you will be home for us to deliver, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule in our delivery route.

If we weren’t able to reach you at the time of delivery to access your building or confirm if drop-off without coolers is OK, we will have our driver bring your order back to our delivery centre at the end of the day. 

You can contact us to reschedule delivery (a $10 fee will apply to subsequent delivery attempts), or to arrange free pick up from either our store in East Van (1608 Kingsway), Kerrisale (5961 West Blvd), or our delivery centre in South Van (358 East Kent Ave South).

Of course! When you checkout, we will give you the option of delivery or pick up. You will still earn points towards discounts on pick up orders.
Please wait until you have received a phone call or email saying that your order is ready before coming to pick up, as the website inventory does not reflect what is available in-store.

Claims Policy

We do our best to ensure accuracy and safe shipping of all of our orders, but we’re only human and sometimes mistakes happen!

If any items are received damaged, incorrect, or are missing from your order, we ask that you notify us within 24 hours so we can address the problem or error with our team and rectify the issue with you in a timely manner.

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