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CVMA Rebuttal CVMA Rebuttal

A Rebuttal to CVMA & PHA Joint Position Statement Concerning Raw Food Diets for Pets by Dakota Bawden-Tutte, BA, DipEd This email, below, arrived in my inbox: Hello there Many thanks for the help fitting Grover with a training collar and especially the buffalo sample that you gave him yesterday. He could not eat if fast enough! The raw food diet... [More...]

What on Earth is Diatomaceous Earth? What on Earth is Diatomaceous Earth?

Want To Be Flea Free? Mother Nature Always Does It Best! DE-poster1S.jpgWant to get rid of fleas safely, naturally, and without the toxic build-up contained in many of the commercial products? Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is the answer to your flea (and bedbug!) problems. (Always use food grade.) What is DE? DE is the fossilized remains of diatoms, or... [More...]