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Irritable Bowel Disease

There are three main culprits to look out for when identifying if your dog has IBD.

First: GI Parasites

  • Often seen in puppy mills, overbred dogs, and/or shelter dogs that have been tested positive for parasites.
  • Parasites often cause inflammation in the GI Track
  • When your pup is old enough to be given a dewormer, if it prives to be the incorrect medication this can cause more damage to their system

Second: Antibiotics and Steroids

  • A common trigger for IBD are steroids & antibiotics
  • Antibiotics kill both the healthy and the diseased bacteria making it almost impossible for your canine friend to fully recover

Third: Food Intolerance

  • Probably the most commonly seen culprit is your pet’s diet.
  • Food intolerance or sensitivity can begin with poor quality, non-species appropriate diet – one that is high in unnecessary carbohydrates
  • Dogs who eat a raw food diet BUT are only fed the same protein every day can develop hypersensitivity to the food they eat over and over again. Inflammation is the result and can lead to IBD.

Products such as Gut Soothe by Adored Beast and Slippery Elm by Carnivora help restore the good bacteria in your dog’s GI Tract and gets them on their way to being a happy & healthy pooch!

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