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Often times we don’t notice that our cats have anxiety, as cats tend to be more guarded with showing their emotional state or stress than dogs do.

Some symptoms of stress can include:

  • Spraying, or not using the litterbox and having accidents in the house
  • Wandering around howling
  • Behavioral changes (avoidance or clinginess, newly aggressive behaviour towards other people or pets in the house)
  • Changes in appetite
  • Obsessive grooming (licks spots raw)

A few ways you can help relieve and treat their anxiety are:

  • Natural calming supplements
  • Playing with them (getting their brain active)
  • Provide a safe space – usually up high

Maybe your cat has encountered stressful or fearful situations at home, such as getting ready for a big move, or a new family member has been introduced. It is important to be aware of the ramifications of fear and other negative emotions on your pet’s physical and mental well-being. Using a supplement to help keep them calm and settle their nerves is a great way to help them move past their anxiety.

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