Joint Care/Arthritis

Is your dog feeling achy after exercising? Are they starting to get a little bit older and stairs are becoming an issue? Maybe your dog has had hip dysplasia and the healing process is a little painful.

There are many different types of arthritis:

  • The most familiar and common form is called osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. This type of arthritis is commonly seen in older animals.
  • Septic arthritis, which is inflammation and degeneration of a joint or joints caused by infection.
  • And “immune-mediated polyarthritis” which can take many forms and occurs when a pet’s immune system attacks the joints of the body.

Taking care of your pets joints in general is incredibly important. Not just because they are your beloved pet and we should take care of them anyways, but because taking care of your pets joints is also taking care of their mobility.

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