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“Thanks to you, my kitties are completely off of kibble and now eat Rad cat raw food entirely. Gus hates the lamb flavor, but Daisy and Aurora chow it all. Daisy’s water consumption has gone waaay down too. Can’t wait til her next check up.”

– Lauren Fetterman

“WOW – I came into your store with my son yesterday – I cannot tell you how impressed I am – it all finally comes together. Thank you so much for the great service you are providing for our beloved pets in producing REAL FOOD for them – could anything be more important for them??? I have read all your literature and toured your web site – do you actually produce the food in your own premises?? I wish it was available over here in Victoria – maybe we could work on that?? Take care and thank you again.”

– Anita Guns

“Are you kidding? I was all over your website ;-) Love it! Yes, I work at a… uh… “healthy” pet food store, and of course under my breath I refer to kibble as doom nuggets… but working there gives me the opportunity to plant the idea in peoples heads to consider live food instead of processed grain based kibble. By the way, can I add your website link to the site I made that I give to customers who are interested in raw? You site has some great info as well as a solid opinion… LOL :-)

– Sandy Holt

“True Carnivores owner and staff have been instrumental in teaching me and supplying quality food to keep my pets healthy!! Love ya Dakota Bawden, Dani Lee-Carreiro, Joe and Chuck!”

– Elaine Simons Lane

“Dakota: you will likely get to see Sienna and new mama quite a bit – your store is rather a mecca for raw feeders and already on the radar :-)

– Christina Diron

“Hi, I’m Virginia and I have a 2 yr old boxer/lab. We live inVancouver. We had three boxers who all died from cancer, the last one at 5 yrs old. We put him on chemo but no use. We love the breed so we thought a part boxer wouldn’t have so many problems. Well, Digby has had an ear problem, diarrhea, pimples/dandruff, unexplained rashes, weeping between his toes, etc. in his short lifetime. He was on Solid Gold (as our previous boxers), Innova and Medical – nothing worked. Over the years we had heard of raw diets and thought the people were nuts!! In June, we switched him over to raw with Christine’s help at True Carnivores holding our hand each step of the way. Everything has cleared up except every third/fourth day I still have to clean one of his ears and at times, he eats grass like it was caviar. Is this normal? People must now think I’m nuts – I’m a true convert. I have been reading all the posts and find it very informative, especially where to get supplies. Thank you all.”

– Virginia

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