Antioxidants gobble up toxic free radicals floating around in your pet’s body before they can harm healthy cells and tissue, which reduces both oxidative stress and DNA damage.

Dogs and cats who suffer from Kidney and/or Liver disease strongly benefit from a diet rich with antioxidants as it helps restore the healthy cells and strengthen your pets’ longevity.

Female dogs can be prone to blockages – cranberry extract, a powerful antioxidant breaks down the crystals and with its healing properties inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria as it passes through the urinary tract.

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  • 3P Naturals Yeast Buster Blend

    3P Naturals Yeast Buster Blend (Veggie #8) – $6.26/lb


    Earn up to 69 Points.

  • d tox

    Cranimals D-Tox

    Earn 56 points!
  • Cranimals Original

    Cranimals Original

    Earn 20 points!
  • Cranimals Very Berry

    Cranimals Very Berry

    Earn 20 points!
  • Diggin Pumpkin

    Diggin Pumpkin & Cranberry Digestive Supplement

    Earn 14 points!
  • Olie Naturals Solid Ground

    Olie Naturals Prebiotic (Solid Ground)

    Earn 45 points!
  • Pet Kelp Skin

    Pet Kelp Skin and Coat Formula

    Earn 18 points!
  • pet kelp well-being

    Pet Kelp Well-Being Formula

    Earn 18 points!
  • Phyto Synergy

    Phyto Synergy by Adored Beast


    Earn up to 110 Points.

  • Pumpkin Protein

    Pumpkin Protein Energy by Omega Nutrition

    Earn 9 points!
  • pure Eye

    Pure Eye by True Raw Choice

    Earn 23 points!