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Anti-inflammatory/Pain relief

When our pets are in any sort of pain or discomfort we want to help effectively alleviate those symptoms as quickly as possible.  We all know the discomfort that comes along with something as minor as a headache or a stubbed toe. Imagine silently sitting in pain, with an inflamed hip or a knee that has just had surgery. Alleviating that pain is all we can think about at that moment, thankfully, more often than not, supplementing with a pain reliever is targeted towards something specific in your dog.

Such as;

  • Dogs who have had hip/knee surgery done
  • Are getting older
  • Are a large breed dog
  • Have arthritis

Natural therapies such as acupuncture can be tremendously beneficial to arthritic pets! Making your own ‘golden paste’ made from Turmeric is also something we highly recommend!

Whether you’re looking for a powerful anti-inflammatory  and pain-relieving agent or just a little extra glucosamine to help your pup get along – True Carnivores has you covered.


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