Fleas and Tick’s

At True Carnivores, we are believers of treating fleas and ticks in the most non-invasive and natural way possible as not to compromise the health of your pet. Fleas and ticks start rearing their ugly little heads just as the summer months begin. Mild weather and high humidity create the perfect breeding grounds for them causing their populations to explode. We call this; “infestation”.

What’s the difference between fleas and ticks?

Fleas: Tiny, wingless, jumping bugs that live in your pet’s fur, drink their blood, and lay lots and lots of eggs. They will jump (as high as 7 inches) on and off your pet to bite you, or any other mammal they can get to. Annoying, but easy to eradicate.

Ticks: Ticks are considered a parasitic arachnid. To live they need blood from a host to feed off. Ticks can not fly or jump so they lay dormant until they sense another animal’s breath or body odor. If the animal brushes against the bush they are on they jump/fall onto their body. Once on their host, they cut a hole in the skin, attach their mouths and begin sucking blood. Ticks should be removed in one piece as soon as possible to prevent infection or disease. The main concern with ticks is that they can carry Lyme disease. However here in the city, Lyme disease is uncommon and is more of a concern in the interior or secluded forest areas

There are many natural remedies you can use, but be sure to do your research as you may be able to use some remedies, for example, Aromatherapy. Where dogs can handle most essential oils, others may be toxic to cats.

Many intensive flea treatment medications are known for lowering the immune system of your pet which can make them vulnerable to bacteria and disease that they may have otherwise been able to fend off – check out our learning centre for more information!

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