Liver Support

Your pets’ liver is one of the busiest and most important organs in their body. Everything that enters our pet’s mouths is eventually filtered through their liver – keeping it healthy is very important!

The liver has many functions;

  • It is considered a cleansing organism, since everything must be filtered through it before being released into the rest of the body to ensure that the body is rid of toxins.
  • The liver aids in digesting fats
  • Produces glycogen, energy storage
  • It’s also responsible for protein production throughout the body.

You can help detoxify and keep the liver healthy by doing several things!

  • Feed a species appropriate diet with minimal starches
  • Feed meat proteins that are low in fat such as llama, elk, and rabbit
  • Avoid feeding bones that are high in fat such as femurs or beef ribs
  • Feed treats & food with “one protein” ingredients
  • Adding leafy greens to your pets’ diet
  • Giving supplements such as Apple Cider Vinegar & Turmeric (turmeric mixed with coconut oil so that the body can absorb it properly) help promote a healthy liver

Using the help of an herbal supplement to assist in a gentle detox of your pet’s liver can rejuvenate and boost your dog’s overall health!

Check out our learning centre for more information!

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