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Most pet owners are all-too-familiar with the fear and stress pets experience when they’re taken to see the veterinarian. Your cat may hide at the mere sight of her carrier, and your dog may stop in her tracks and refuse to walk in the door. Unfortunately, it’s the rare pet that’s not unnerved by the strange smells, sights, and sounds — and possibly unpleasant memories — at the vet.

Or maybe your dog has encountered stressful or fearful situations at home, such as fireworks, getting ready for a big move, or maybe a new family member has been introduced. It is important to be aware of the ramifications of fear and other negative emotions on your pet’s physical and mental well-being. Using a supplement to help keep them calm and settle their nerves is a great way to help them move past their anxiety

Signs of Anxiety

Trembling/ shaking
Tail tucked/ ears back/ head lowered
Excessive barking/ howling
Aggression – growling/ snapping
Trying to escape
Excessive energy
Excretion of urine/ anal glands
Hiding/ seeking comfort
Chewing/ destructive behavior

Treatment for Anxiety

Minimize stressful situations
Make sure your dog is well exercised – so his mind and body are calm
Associate stressful environments with something positive such as a treat, toy or affection
Use aromatherapy – be sure to use it while your dog is calm, before using it during a stressful event, so your dog associates the scent with calm energy
Try giving your dog a relaxing massage
Play calming music during stress
Try adding some calming supplements to your dog’s food / as a treat

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