Leaky Gut

What is Leaky Gut? Leaky gut syndrome is exactly what it sounds like.

The delicate intestinal mucosa that lines the gut and allows tiny digested nutrients to pass through to the blood stream can be likened to cheesecloth or a tea strainer. This lining acts as an important barrier keeping out toxins, pathogens, and undigested food particles.

What causes Leaky Gut is the strained, traumatized, and inflamed mucosa that becomes so damaged it begins letting the toxins, bacteria, and undigested food particles seep through into the dog’s bloodstream and lymphatics. This taxes the liver as it begins to try and perform the mucosa linings job causing inflammation. The immune system then begins attacking these “intruders” which leads to autoimmune disease. The body then starts to perceive food as its enemy. This is why we see so many dogs who are allergic or reactive to almost every protein and many vegetables and grains.

Primary Causes: 

  1. Poor Diet
  2. Toxins, steroids, antibiotics, dewormers
  3. Over-Vaccinations

Products such as Hemp Oil by Adored Beast, or a powerful probiotic such as New Beginnings by Olie Naturals can help heal and restore your pets immune system and promotes gut health.

Read more about Leaky Gut Syndrome on our blog!

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