Kidney/Pancreatitis Support

If you have a dog that needs kidney or pancreatitis support, it is never too late to start treatment. There are many ways you can extend your dog’s years and make them more comfortable. Many of our clients have found a great deal of success in merely changing to a raw diet and whether your pet is aging and you want to support their kidneys as a preventative or your pet has had kidney issues in the past it can be a good idea to supplement with an herbal kidney support supplement! Check out our learning centre for more information!

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  • 3P Naturals Non-Medicated Kangaroo

    3P Naturals Non-Medicated Kangaroo (Dog) – $6.81/lb


    Earn up to 90 Points.

  • CannaGurt

    CannaGurt by Steve’s Real Food

    Earn 56 points!
  • CarnaForage

    CarnaForage by Steve’s Real Food

    5.00 out of 5
    Earn 56 points!
  • Beef Tripe by Carnivora - 25LB Bulk

    Carnivora Llama Diet Grass-Fed | $4.99/lb


    Earn up to 125 Points.

  • Beef Tripe by Carnivora - 25LB Bulk
    Buy Bulk & Save

    Carnivora Llama Diet Grass-Fed Bulk | $4.99/lb


    Earn up to 125 Points.

  • chronic recovery

    Chronic Recovery by NaturPet

    Earn 56 points!
  • d tox

    Cranimals D-Tox

    Earn 56 points!
  • Cranimals Original

    Cranimals Original

    Earn 20 points!
  • Cranimals Very Berry

    Cranimals Very Berry

    Earn 20 points!
  • Kelp Supplements for Dogs Fluid

    Fluid – Kelp

    Earn 16 points!
  • Liver Tonic

    Liver Tonic by Adored Beast

    Earn 56 points!
  • kidney care

    NaturPet Kidney Care

    Earn 24 points!
  • Red Dog Deli Kangaroo

    Red Dog Deli Kangaroo & Organic Juiced Veggies from $6.74/lb


    Earn up to 40 Points.

  • slippery elm

    Slippery Elm by Carnivora

    Earn 56 points!
  • Ziwi Peak Moist

    Ziwi Peak Moist Daily Dog Cuisine 390g


    Earn up to 112 Points.