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Sometimes we come across that unfortunate truth that our pet has developed worms. How? We may never know the specific reason but we do have the power to expel them so our pet can be comfortable again.

There are many kinds of worms but the most common are;

Tapeworm: This parasite is flat and about 6 inches long. It can be contracted through eating dead animals that were carrying worms and fleas or lice that were carrying tapeworm eggs on their body.

Symptoms your pet may contract are; a drastic increase in appetite while gaining no weight, obsessive licking of their anal area, and white flecks that look like rice in your pets stool (which is actually the worms being expelled).

Hookworm: Hookworms are nasty little parasites that hook onto the intestinal lining of your pet and suck blood. They are contracted when your dog eats feces and/or dirt. Puppies and kittens can contract them from mother’s milk.

Because these worms drink their hosts blood their symptoms are lethargy, malnourishment, poor appetite, and weight loss.

You can help prevent infestation by giving bone broth, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, the list goes on. There are also natural dewormers that are safe for both you and your pet!

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