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Bold By Nature for cats

About Bold By Nature For Cats
Contains triple-ground meat with bone and organ — which are antibiotic and hormone-free.

The idea behind Bold By Nature was to model the natural prey diet of a cat. Bold’s blend was also designed to provide a low glycemic option. Since cats are obligatory carnivores, the blends don’t contain any fruits or veggies, which is also great for cats with diabetes, urinary crystals, yeast issues, or weight problems. You can think of it as the gluten-free equivalent for your pet.
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*You might notice changes in the colour of some patties, or that some packages have lost their vacuum seal. This is normal and expected, and the food is still perfectly safe to feed your pets.

Bold By Nature foods are rapidly frozen in a cryogenic freeze tunnel. The process can displace the oxygen on the surface of the food, which can alter the surface colouration. The vacuum-sealing process further removes all oxygen from the packaging, contributing to the outside edges of the food turning brown or pale in colour. This doesn’t affect the safety or nutrition of the food, and the inside below the surface will still be the healthy pink or red you expect.

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