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Back 2 Basics Chicken Necks (Raw and Frozen) – 2lb Package


Chicken necks are a great meaty bone choice for cats and small-medium dogs. Antibiotic and hormone-free.

Available in a 2lb bag (contains approximately 20-30 necks per bag, depending on size)

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Back 2 Basics Chicken Necks are antibiotic and hormone-free, and available IQF (individually quick frozen) in a 2lb value pack.

They are a small meaty bone choice that is a great option for cats and small-medium dogs. You can also use them as a snack for larger pets as long as you know that they are careful chewers and won’t just swallow them!

Chicken necks are great bones for cleaning teeth! The neck has many small, crunchy bones that act like a toothbrush as your dog or cat chews them down. Because the bones are so small and easy to crush, chicken necks are a great option for both puppies and seniors.

*True Carnivores recommends that you always supervise your pet while chewing. Take care to select a bone that is suitable for both your pet’s size and chewing habits.

Check out our bone feeding guide for info and guidance to help you pick the right bone for your pet. Still feeling unsure? Contact us and we would be happy to help!

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