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Back 2 Basics Sockeye Salmon Filets – 3lb Pack


Excellent source of Omega-3’s and a great way to add variety to your pet’s diet.

Skin-on filets are vacuum-sealed in a 3lb package.

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Back 2 Basics Sockeye Salmon Filets are an excellent source of Omega-3s and a great way to add variety to your pet’s diet. These skin-on filets are sourced from wild-caught BC sockeye salmon. Omega-3 concentration is even higher in the skin than in the flesh, so these are best served with the skin-on if your pet likes it that way!

Omega-3s are essential for skin and coat health and offer anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon is rich in B vitamins which help to prevent heart disease and support brain health and nervous system function. Salmon is also high in selenium, a trace mineral that aids in bone health, supports thyroid function, and may help to prevent cancer.

Nutritional analysis

Per 1oz (28g)

Protein: 20.5%

Fat 4.4%

EPA+DHA (Omega-3): 140mg

Vitamin D: 3.1mcg

Niacin (B3): 2.2mg

Pyrodoxine (B6): 0.17mg

Selenium: 13.75mcg

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