Bold by Nature Mega Pack Variety – Try Every Flavour! – $4.16/lb


Bold by Nature Mega Variety:

Contains 48 x 8 oz patties and includes 8 patties of each of the Mega blends – Mega Chicken, Mega Beef, Mega Blend, Mega Turkey, Mega Duck & Mega Pork.



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Bold by Nature Mega Variety. Mega flavour. Mega Variety. This Pack comes with all of our Bold by Nature Mega flavour favourites: Mega Chicken, Mega Beef, Mega Turkey, Mega Pork, Mega Duck, and Mega Blend patties. Locally prepared with pet-approved ingredients. This is for the dogs that want it all.

Mega Blend patties are a base blend. Add your own vegetables or supplements for a complete meal.

How to Serve

  • Keep food frozen. When ready, thaw the necessary portion in the fridge. Patties will thaw in 12 hours (approximately).
  • Store all unused portions in the fridge. Raw food should be used within 4 days.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Handle all raw meat with appropriate care and hygiene. Wash all surfaces, bowls and utensils with hot, soapy water.
  • DO NOT COOK. Contains ground bone.


  • 24 lbs of 8oz patties

The Cuts

  • 8 Mega Chicken Patties
  • 8 Mega Beef Patties
  • 8 Mega Turkey Patties
  • 8 Mega Pork Patties
  • 8 Mega Duck Patties
  • 8 Mega Blend Patties

Mega Chicken Ingredients: Chicken meat, chicken bone, vegetables*, chicken liver & kelp.

Protein (Min.) 13.4 %
Fat (Min.) 18 %
Fibre (Max.) 3.7%
Moisture (Max.) 61%
Calories per Patty 517

Mega Beef Ingredients: Beef meat, beef bone, beef offal (lung, heart, liver), vegetables*, beef tripe & kelp.

Protein (Min.) 14.7 %
Fat (Min.) 8 %
Fibre (Max.) 4.4%
Moisture (Max.) 73%
Calories per Patty 318

Mega Turkey Ingredients: Turkey meat, turkey bone, vegetables*, turkey liver & kelp.

Protein (Min.) 12.8%
Fat (Min.) 6.4 %
Fibre (Max.) 2.5%
Moisture (Max.) 73%
Calories per Patty 283

Mega Pork Ingredients: Pork meat, pork bone, vegetables*, pork liver, pork heart & kelp.

Protein (Min.) 16.8 %
Fat (Min.) 15.2%
Fibre (Max.) 5.52%
Moisture (Max.) 61%
Calories per Patty 484

Mega Duck Ingredients: Duck meat, duck bone, vegetables*, duck liver & kelp.

Protein (Min.) 13.65%
Fat (Min.) 12%
Fibre (Max.) 2%
Moisture (Max.) 71%
Calories per Patty 375

Mega Blend Ingredients: Chicken meat, chicken bone, beef lung, beef liver & beef tripe.

Protein (Min.) 13.1 %
Fat (Min.) 14.9 %
Fibre (Max.) 4.6%
Moisture (Max.) 62.2%
Calories per Patty 599

*Vegetable mix consists of carrot, zucchini,collard greens & broccoli.

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