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Bulk Squid Bites – Frozen Raw Add-On


Ground squid, frozen and cut into bite-sized pieces. Ideal as a healthy food topper, or feed a cube or two as a tasty snack!

Very low fat – great choice for weight management and pets with digestive sensitivities

Good source of Omega-3 fats and minerals

  • 2lbs for $6.97/lb
  • 6lbs for $6.65/lb
  • 10lbs for $5.99/lb

Earn up to 60 Points.

Squid Bites are a healthy and convenient way to boost the nutrition of your pet’s meals and easily add some more variety to their diet. Each cube weighs approximately 1 oz (28g) to make portioning easy.

Squid is a nutritious option that is high in protein and minerals. Here are some other benefits of feeding squid:

  • Offers a moderate amount of Omega-3 fats (0.14g per oz compared to 0.16g for salmon) for skin, coat and heart health, as well as offering anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Very low in fat (0.4g of fat per oz), making it ideal for pets on a diet, with pancreatitis, or other digestive issues.
  • Much lower in mercury than other fatty fish like salmon, herring or mackerel, so it is a safe fish choice for those who want or need to feed fish as a larger portion of their pet’s diet.
  • Excellent source of choline, which supports liver and brain health. Eggs are another great source, but this is a good alternative for pets with poultry sensitivities.
  • High in vitamin B3, which helps to stabilize your pet’s blood sugar levels. It also contains vitamin B12 and B2, which both help protect the heart.

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