Carnivora Rabbit Diet | $5.70/lb


Rabbit Diet (no veggies) – portioned in .5lb patties

Single = 1 x .5lb patty at $8.78/lb

4lb sleeve = 8 x .5lb patties at $6.74/lb

25lb box = 50 x .5lb patties at $6.00/lb

2x25lb box = 100 .5lb patties at $5.70/lb

Whole animal prey model: the whole animal carcass – mimicking that which would naturally be found in the wild including all of the best cuts of meat, bones, and organs (not just the left overs).


Earn up to 285 Points.

Carnivora Rabbit Diet is one of the best proteins to try feeding your dog or cat when you suspect that they may have a food allergy/sensitivity. Very few dogs and cats are allergic to rabbit and Carnivora’s Rabbit Diet has nothing but rabbit so you can use it as a part of a temporary allergy regiment to try to weed out what meats may be causing allergy symptoms, or feed it as a part of a rotation to mix up the proteins in your pet’s diet.

Rabbit Diet by Carnivora is a balanced and lean meal option for your dog cat! Following a whole animal prey model, this meal gives your pet a feast that closely mimics what they would eat in the wild. Choosing this option is ideal for those who may have allergies or sensitivities to certain meats, veggies or plain old don’t like their greens! Carnivora’s Rabbit Diet is recommended as part of a rotational diet including other white and red proteins along with tripe and raw bones! If you have a picky pup or kitty, try out the single size or go for the 25lb bulk box for a great value!

Ingredients: Finely ground whole rabbit: meat, bones, heart, kidney, liver.



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